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Speed Diagostics Report

We run your site against three speed testing tools and provide a written report that is easy to understand. It highlights the areas you can make your biggest gains.

Target Performance Issues

We show you where to concentrate your efforts to make the biggest gains and interpret technical jargon to provide you the best advice.

Speed Coding!

Need help implementing the recommendations? We have optimisation packs for popular CMS solutions like WordPress and Joomla. We have a team of speed obsessed developers ready to help.

Optimisation Consulting

Website Speed Optimisation is often complex and can be very technical, but there is still a bunch of things you can do to improve site speeds yourself. We'll help you with that.


Don't Let Speed Kill your Google Rank

Website Speed has a huge influence on your organic page rank and PPC Quality Score. If your site is slow, you will PAY MORE for your ads. Our diagostics report and expert advice will:

Help you understand why your site is slow

Gather performance statics from the popular tools

Provide a list of actionable items ith a prediction of the results

Start your journey to converting more business!


Our Service

We are Australian based web professionals that provide analysis, advice and web development expertise to increase your online performance.

Testing & Diagnostics

We start by testing your site.

Target issues

We identify core issues where you can make the most gains within your budget.

Site Optimisation

We implement our recommendations and shave time off your load speeds.

Better Performance

The end result is a better user experience, happier customers, and a better conversion rate.


Nicci Pawlowski
Eighteen Eves Owner

Our website was taking so long to load. At one stage it was taking up to one minute!! After seeking assistance from a couple of other web developers all resulting in no solutions, Jason at WebsiteSpeedFix suggested the server was the main cause, so we swtiched to their hosting. They quickly got on the case and my website is now loading in under five seconds! I wish I'd talked to WebsiteSpeedFix sooner. It would have saved me lots of money and time, not to mentioned lost website sales...

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